Blog reviews

Hello Students I check on your first blog assignments and noticed some things, which I would like you to correct. Many of you need to change your “Site Title” to your name, etc.  You can do this under the settings.  You can type out your name with spaces. Please delete all the wordpress blogs items… Continue reading Blog reviews

What is Fashion

Is Fashion Art?  The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, 1967 Norman Norell, Fashion Designer – YES Gres, Chanel, Vionnet, Balenciaga Define:  Elegane and Quality “Good Quality Looks Great” Modern Fashion: practical and less and less items.   Louise Nevelson  – Modern Sculptor Is Fashion Art? No To qualify as art, fashion must be an expression… Continue reading What is Fashion

Homework for Thursday Aug 25

create a personal wordpress blog. Respond to the following questions as a blog post: Why are you taking this course?  Share two artists / designers related to Fashion Fiber and Materials whom you have knowledge about. Post on your blog. (course outcome 1) read first article “Is fashion art”