What is Fashion

Is Fashion Art?  The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, 1967

Norman Norell, Fashion Designer – YES



Gres, Chanel, Vionnet, Balenciaga

Define:  Elegane and Quality “Good Quality Looks Great”

Modern Fashion: practical and less and less items.


Louise Nevelson  – Modern Sculptor

Is Fashion Art? No



To qualify as art, fashion must be an expression of the wearer and must relate to her enviornment.   “Designer get the credit”

How do you choose your clothes?  clothes must suit you.  Fashion is too temporary.

How does the world look to you? Science Fiction is becoming Science Fact.


Irene Sharaff  – Theatrical and movie costume Designer.

Is fashion Art? Yes.  Creative part of fashion has always worked alongside the creative forces that defined and colored a decade or era. Both are a manifestations of the times.


Modern Fashion – Great femininity is coming in.  A woman’s place has changed economically, and she is more and more on an equal footing with men.  Anything goes.


Alwin Nikolais – Henry Street Dance Theater, avant force in dance.

Is Fashion Art? No  Because woman rely so much on what other people design to them.  Most women wear what fits.

In order to be art, people should design their own clothing.




When you design a costume what are you aiming for?  Costumes are part of total design, stage, action or painting.  Not to see each body separately.  Stage designs are an abstraction of the way i see man – socio economic mechanism….

Andre Courreges – Designer

Is Fashion Art?  NO  This is something for others to judge.  The profession of fashion designer is a simple job like that of any artisan who attempts to inroduce taste and proportion into the object they are creating.  The same way an architect tries to build harmonious structure.

Models – using their proportions I can create a prototype – a certain norm of modern woman, an aesthetic canon.

My clothes aim to liberate the spirt as well as the eyes.

“If the function of Art is to bring joy through harmony, color, and form, perhaps we can, after all, by dressing a woman to feel younger and to participate fully in life, bring her joy comparable to that she experiences in contemplating a painting”

André Courrèges - Space Age (2).png












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