Textile Arts Center Meeting


Sunday, December 18, 2016 2:00 P.M.

California State Los Angeles Campus Second Floor, Fine Arts Building Room 239/244

Equipment Demonstrations (Knitting, Paper-Making, Long-Arm Quilting Machines)



Mend America Stitch In

In keeping with her pledge to “Mend America,” Frau Fiber (Carole France Lung)

will hold a Mend America stitch In, a communal, textile-based gathering. Visitors can participate in a series of Peace Work activities, including creating an American flag from reclaimed fabric, and hand-stitching a large map of America. There will all also be resources to assist in contacting government representative to voice political concern.

Pledge to Mend America

I pledge my life to mending America by being a watchful and vigilant community member; peacefully and firmly fighting racism, sexism, and oppression; crafting spaces where all people are welcome; to continue to create change through call to actions, skill sharing, sewing, and mending; and to persistently persevere in spite of the seemingly futility of it all. – Frau Fiber


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